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Do you know what is common between such people as Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy and Rockefeller? They all preferred smoking Dunhill. It is a luxury cigarette brand produced by the prestigious British American Tobacco company.

History of Dunhill cigarettes

This brand was founded in 1893 by Alfred Dunhill. Initially, the company specialized on luxury car accessories. At the beginning of the 20th century Alfred Dunhill decided to move into the tobacco business. He opened a tobacco, pipe and cigar store on Duke Street in London. Later, in 1910 a pipe factory was opened as well. Apart from tobacco production the brand’s line was expanded to include leather goods, menswear, writing instruments, timepieces, men’s jewellery, gifts and games.

In 1993 this brand became a part of Richmond, the prestigious leading luxury goods group. In 2011 Dunhill had 5 main retail regions: the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and China. Nowadays this brand has over 3,500 wholesale points of sale and 220 stores around the world. What’s more, the brand has 4 global “residences” in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Where to buy Dunhill cigarettes?

Mostly, these cigarettes are exported throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, South Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Today you can easily buy Dunhill cigarettes online as well.

The Alfred Dunhill brand was initially created for the high end person. However, you can find Dunhill cigarettes for sale online at a reasonable price.

Brands of Dunhill cigarettes

You can find Dunhill cigarettes in many varieties: Menthol, Ultra, Lights and some others. You may try Dunhill fine cut cigarettes, Dunhill Infinite cigarettes, Dunhill Essence, Dunhill top leaf cigarettes and many others. You can find more information about this brand at Dunhill cigarettes official website.

Buy Dunhill Swiss Blend
The undertone of fresh roasted flavor and a hint of sweetness will add a lot of pleasure to smoking. These cigarettes are extra-long and have a signature filtration system. That is why each cigarette burns slowly and smoothly allowing for a lasting smoke. This brand would be perfect for those smokers who are looking for a smooth smoke and premium tobacco taste.

Buy Dunhill Red
Dunhill red cigarettes are famous for their caramel undertone and a signature sweet taste. The company uses only rich tobacco and makes high quality cigarettes that can exceed the expectations of a smoking connoisseur. This stick won't leave you with an unpleasant chemical aftertaste unlike some other brands.

Buy Dunhill Master Blend
A blend of premium tobacco guaranties to provide a pleasant flavorful smoking experience. This excellent combination of rich flavors could perfectly complement your cup of coffee.

Buy Dunhill International
These cigarettes are known worldwide as a luxury premium brand. Golden colored tobacco and a subtle taste of plum extract provides you with a perfect taste. These cigarettes would be perfect when you need some time to escape and relax. The cigarette is slow burning due to the stick which is larger than the average one. It is definitely an ideal option for a social cigarette.

Buy Dunhill Blue
Dunhill cigarettes blue are known for their premium class tobacco and exotic aroma. These Dunhill lights cigarettes have only 0.7 mg of nicotine. Dunhill blue cigarettes provide you with a smooth sweet taste without any chemical aftertaste.

Buy Dunhill Menthol
Dunhill menthol cigarettes are known for their delicious menthol flavor. The blend of premium Virginia tobacco and a minty taste provides a smooth smoke. These cigarettes won’t leave you with harsh chemical aftertaste after smoking, as they are naturally additive free. Today Dunhill international menthol cigarettes are appreciated all over the world. So, why don’t you treat yourself to the best cigarette on the market?

Buy Dunhill Fine Cut Silver
Dunhill silver cigarettes are made with an ideal blend of quality tobacco. Each cigarette delivers an exceptional rich flavor. Dunhill light cigarettes Silver have only 0.6 mg of nicotine.
Buy Dunhill black cigarettes
Dunhill cigarettes black are a popular premium brand. An enticing aroma and high-quality tobacco will be definitely appreciated by smokers. Dunhill Fine Cut Black is also known for its exclusive package that preserves the flavor throughout splendor.


Where can I buy Dunhill cigarettes?

This luxury brand is available in many countries all over the world. Free shipping is provided to the USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Japan, Sweden, Austria, New Zealand, Norway, Greece and Belgium.
  • Buy Dunhill cigarettes Australia
Labels mild” and “light” are banned in Australia. So, these cigarettes can be under different names there.
  • Buy Dunhill cigarettes Canada
These cigarettes can be found throughout Canada in smoke shops. Dunhill cigarettes price may vary depending on the location of the shop.
  • Buy Dunhill cigarettes South Africa
Dunhill cigarettes are exported throughout South Africa and South Asia.
  • Buy Dunhill cigarettes UK
In the UK you can buy Dunhill cigarettes in any smoke shop. More detailed information about their locations you can find at Dunhill cigarettes website.
  • Buy Dunhill cigarettes USA
This brand is available in all 50 states of America. Free shipping is provided to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, Houston, Denver, Las Vegas, Atlanta, New Orleans, Kansas City, Phoenix, Austin, Columbus, Oklahoma City and other cities.

Today more and more smokers are looking for online Dunhill cigarettes sale. All you need is a reliable website where you can order cheap Dunhill cigarettes. Dunhill cigarettes online are much cheaper, as they are tax free. So, stop wasting your money! Make your order on the Internet and enjoy this luxury cigarette brand!