Newport Cigarettes: The Cigarettes with a Worldwide Reputation

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Newport Cigarettes: The Cigarettes with a Worldwide Reputation

If you’re fond of smoking cigarettes, if you cannot imagine your everyday life without it, and menthol cigarettes are one of your favorite ones, then you should pay attention to the worldwide known American brand of Newport cigarettes. Wondering ‘why Newport cigarettes?’ The answer is simple – a combination of exquisite time-proven quality of a perfect premium menthol & tobacco flavor balance. Newport cigarettes are a special brand of menthol-flavored cigarettes (menthol is an organic substance triggering cold-sensitive nerves in the skin without causing any temperature drop) produced by Lorillard, Inc., the 3rd largest USA cigarettes manufacturer with a worldwide reputation. Let’s take a look at the historical facts of the creation of this brand.

Newport Cigarettes Website: The History of Creation & Development

If you would like to find out more information about the worldwide known brand of Newport menthol cigarettes, then you’re welcome to visit an official Newport cigarettes website of the company-producer – or At Newport cigarettes website you’ll able to find all the necessary information about the company, the products it produces, contacts to follow and others.
Newport is a famous brand produced by Lorillard, Inc., which through its subsidiary, Lorillard Tobacco Company (Greensboro, North Carolina), is the 3rd largest American manufacturer of cigarettes. According to the information stated at the Newport cigarettes website, Lorillard, the oldest tobacco company founded in the USA in 1760, introduced its Newport menthol premium cigarettes brand in 1957, which since that time became the 2nd largest selling cigarette brand (behind Marlboro) and the top selling menthol cigarette brand overall in the USA. It all started with an original classic Newport brand that had a hint of mint and a white filter, which were gone in 1969 and replaced by a standard filter. The company’s menthol cigarettes were promoted for many years under the motto ‘Enjoy full flavor menthol, without drowning out pure tobacco taste’.

Newport Cigarettes Coupons: Save Some Money on What You Love

Taking into account that the cigarette prices went up due to the cigarette tax increase, smokers all over the world feel the financial burden when buying their favorite cigarette brand. That’s why cigarette coupons is a great idea saving you a lot of money in the long run, and, of course, Newport brand is not an exception in this matter.
Newport cigarettes coupons can help you counter some of the Newport cigarettes price increase (Newport cigarette cost almost $10.00) that made smoking very expensive. The easiest way of getting Newport cigarettes coupons is to become a member of that will help you save up to $1.50 off of 1 or 2 packs of cigarettes. It may sound like not too much, but if to calculate the yearly savings, we can say that Newport cigarettes coupons will save you a lot of money on each purchase.
When you sign up at there will be several moments one has to remember:
  • you want get legitimate cigarettes coupons unless you’re of age and verify it with an ID card or a driver’s license;
  • all the coupons will be sent through the mail;
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Cheap Newport Cigarettes: Varieties & Sizes

Though Newport cigarettes have become one of the most expensive cigarettes on the market, there’s a possibility of buying cheap Newport cigarettes with the help of special coupons released either by the company itself or by retail stores & grocery manufacturers. Cheap Newport cigarettes are not a myth, but a real fact that comes in a variety of tastes and packages. For example, Newport cigarettes can be produced in the following varieties available in soft packs: full flavor, medium, and light. What concerns packages, Newport cigarettes can be packaged in 3 main sizes: Kings, Regular size, and 100’s (have an extended filter). Recently, a new brand called the M blend (a mixture between medium and light) has been added to the company’s line of cigarettes.
Newport cigarettes are well-known for their intensity, meaning that they have the highest recorded nicotine & tar content among all known cigarette brands, and if you’re looking to buy some cheap Newport cigarettes, be welcome to visit the Newport’s official website to order some coupons for the price discount.

Newport Cigarettes Review: Why Should You Smoke Newport Menthol Cigarettes

Newport menthol cigarettes are considered to be one of the most famous brands of cigarettes not only in the United States, but also all over the world. According to the majority of Newport cigarettes reviews people enjoy the perfect menthol aftertaste of these cigarettes, which makes them even more wanted. In order to summarize all the Newport cigarettes reviews, we can point out the following:
  •  smoke (because of their unique aftertaste, Newport menthol cigarettes are not for everyone’s stomach; the aftertaste of the cigarettes is like of a tooth paste that goes down smoothly, making you feel as if have just brushed your teeth);
  • packaging (Newport menthol cigarettes come in two types of boxes: green and white; at the bottom of each box there’s a special logo that helps easily distinguish this brand from the rest of the cigarettes);
  •  price (despite the fact that Newport cigarettes are one of the most expensive brand, you can use coupons to buy a box or soft pack of these cigarettes anywhere from $5.00 to $6.00, depending on your location).

Buy Newport Online: Choose Your Favorite Type of Newport Menthol Cigarettes

There are several ways you can buy Newport online: directly from the producer (Lorillard, Inc.) or at an auction site (e.g. eBay). It’s not like you’re buying the cigarettes, because here you can buy coupons that guarantee some discount when buying the producer’s cigarettes. There are some precautions to follow when you buy Newport online:
  • place a bid when you’re 100% sure that the seller offers authentic coupons;
  • coupons should have a 13-digit code printed beside & the recipient’s name printed on the back side;
  • coupons should be printed on white paper with a thin orange strip around the outside, bordered with green color.
The only thing left is to choose your favorite type of Newport menthol cigarettes, which may be one of the following: Box (Full Flavor), Smooth Select (Full Flavor), Menthol Blue (Medium) or Menthol Gold (Light), Non-Menthol or Non-Menthol Gold. So, if you’re fond of smoking menthol cigarettes, then Newport menthol cigarettes is really what you’ll enjoy as a smoker.